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A Ranma ½ / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon / Ah! My Goddess crossover story
by L. S. McGill

Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 characters property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video. Sailor Moon characters property of Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC. Ah! My Goddess property of Fujishima Kosuke, Kodansha, TBS and KSS films; AnimEigo, Studio Proteus, and Dark Horse Comics. Other characters who may cameo are property of respective owners. All are used without permission. I did not write this for profit, but for practice. Will be removed at request of original creators or authorized rep.

Zhu Shu (who shoo), Tao-Ching, Xi'an Chi (zy-an chee), and Clans' Dragon and Skorpion are mine, and may be used so long as I am asked beforehand.

-Lemon Warning- This chapter contains sexually explicit content. Persons under the legal age of consent should not read this.

Book Two: The Dragon's Child

Chapter Seven and One Half: The Seduction of Kasumi

Nabiki watched the Humvee drive off and shook her head. What was dad thinking? Yes, she did like Tao-Ching, and if he hadn't found the Kaisuifuu, she would likely have stripped him and had sex with him on the front lawn considering how overpowering the mating urge her rabbit girl curse had given her, but engaged? Without even a first date?

OOOOOH… Tao-Ching had better make up for that as soon as he got back or there would be hell to pay.

She turned to see Kasumi giving her a faint smile. Her older sister knew better than to give her an outright grin of amusement, but Kasumi had listened to Nabiki complaining about how she wished Tao-Ching would give her some indication of something more than constant flirting. Hearing Tao-Ching declare that he planned to marry her had certainly settled that.

Nabiki's eyes narrowed as she recalled the train of thought she'd been going through before Tao-Ching's arrival, and she decided that it would indeed be the perfect revenge for Kasumi's amusement. She gave Kasumi a smug grin as she sauntered back into the house past her family. Time enough to remind Kasumi of a promise she had made when no one else was around.

She let the rest of the day pass before acting. After supper, while Soun, Sandal and Genma were usually playing Go in the parlor, and Akane had dragged Ranma off to her room, Nabiki waited for Kasumi to come upstairs to prepare for her evening bath.

Like clockwork, Kasumi came up the stairs to go into her room, and Nabiki slipped out to follow her, taking along the small thermos of cold water she'd prepared and a small bag with a special surprise. She knocked on Kasumi's door.

Kasumi opened it, wearing her bathrobe. Nabiki gave her a huge grin.

"Yes Nabiki?" Kasumi asked.

Nabiki tilted her head to give Kasumi a sultry look. "I came to discuss a promise you made me."

Kasumi blinked. "A promise?"

Nabiki reached out to push Kasumi gently back into the room as she entered and closed the door behind her, turning the lock.

"Yes… a promise." The finger she had used to push Kasumi into the room traveled lower, parting the bathrobe as it descended to Kasumi's belt. "I'm not a rabbit girl at the moment… and neither are you."

Kasumi blinked. "No…"

She let out a small gasp of surprise as Nabiki hooked her finger in her belt and pulled them together. Nabiki's face tilted up as she whispered in a husky voice. "And you promised if I still wanted you once the curse was broken…"

"But you're engaged, Nabiki." Kasumi protested.

Nabiki snorted. "Like Tao-Ching is going to protest. And he still has to ask me out before I will consider it official." Her lids lowered as she gave Kasumi a sultry look. "In the meantime, you've been dodging me for over a week. You have only yourself to blame for this. If you hadn't played so hard to get, you wouldn't be such a prize."

"But Nabiki…"

Nabiki stopped her protest with the simple expedient of kissing her. Kasumi blinked in shock for just a second, but as Nabiki's kiss grew more urgent, she responded. Nabiki's hands encircled her, one cupping Kasumi's head as the other found the knot in Kasumi's bathrobe and released it.

As she finally came up for air, she could feel Kasumi's chest heaving against her, and smiled at the flush that had colored Kasumi's skin. The belt dropped away as Nabiki smiled.

"So are you going to claim that didn't get you excited?"

"Well…." Kasumi hesitated.

Nabiki's hand slid under the robe and caressed Kasumi's breast, her fingers finding the erect nipple.

"It seems your body is betraying you, sister dear."

"I never said that you hadn't gotten me aroused, Nabiki. But I still think we probably shouldn't."

Nabiki's head lowered as she drew the robe aside and revealed the pink tidbit that crowned Kasumi's breast. Her lips encircled it as she gently ran her tongue in slow circles around it, making Kasumi gasp softly as her hands rose to grasp Nabiki's shoulders.

But she didn't push her sister away. Nabiki took that as an excuse to continue, fluttering her tongue lightly across the nipple, the rapid motions making it even firmer. Her free hand slipped the robe from off Kasumi's other shoulder, making it fall to hang from Kasumi's arms.

Finally, as Kasumi began to shudder. Nabiki stopped, and looked up at her sister's face, noting happily that Kasumi's face was slightly upturned and her lips were parted as she panted softly.

"Now… about that promise."

Kasumi looked down, letting her arms fall, the robe drifting to the floor as she smiled. "You are positively evil, Nabiki."

Nabiki smiled, her hands rising to unbutton her blouse. She made a production of removing the top, revealing the lacy black teddy she had on under it. "You realize I've spent the last week planning this out to the T, don't you?"

Kasumi gave her a raised eyebrow. "Well, I certainly don't remember you owning any lingerie."

Nabiki gave a throaty chuckle. "This I bought especially for you. Among other things." Her skirt followed the top to the floor, revealing the g string and garters strapped to the black nylon stockings.

"I still haven't said yes."

Nabiki laughed as she stepped around behind Kasumi and pressed her body against her sisters. Her lips caressed Kasumi's neck as her hand slipped past the soft fur crowning Kasumi's mound and delved into the warm moistness between her legs. "You haven't said no." She whispered, as her fingers slid deep inside, penetrating easily due to Kasumi's arousal.

Kasumi's back arched as Nabiki's fingers began a slow in and out rhythm, her legs spreading to allow Nabiki's hand to slide deeper. "No" she whispered. "I haven't"

Nabiki's teeth found the angle between Kasumi's neck and shoulder, and she bit down softly, increasing the pressure as Kasumi moaned. Her unoccupied hand caressed Kasumi's breast, finally pinching firmly on the nipple as Kasumi's body surrendered to orgasm. She held Kasumi up as her body shuddered uncontrollably, her fingers growing even slipperier as she felt her sister grip her fingers tightly.

As the shudders passed, Nabiki withdrew her fingers, raising them to her lips to taste the glistening fluid.

"Sweet. And faintly like honey."

Kasumi reached up and grabbed Nabiki's hand, running her tongue along the length before taking it in her mouth as drawing it in to the last knuckle. Her tongue swirled around Nabiki's finger as she sucked her own oils off, slowly working her way back out to the tip. Nabiki sighed softly as Kasumi smiled. "I've always thought I had a hint of strawberry as well."

Nabiki blinked, then gave Kasumi an amused look. "Why, sister dear. I'm surprised at you. One would think this isn't your first time doing something like this."

Kasumi turned, and with a smile pushed Nabiki back on the bed. "I'm not a virgin, Nabiki. I was young and foolish. It was exceeding painful, and not something I like to talk about." She crawled onto the bed and straddled her sister. "But I'm not utterly innocent." She leaned over and her lips met Nabiki's as she returned the kiss her sister had given her earlier. She propped herself on her arms as she ended the kiss and looked into Nabiki's eyes. "I told Akane once, when she asked me if I would sleep with Zhu Shu if she asked me, that I didn't know. I like men, Nabiki. I like men a little _too_ much. That made me easy prey for a group of boys who saw me as a playtoy to be passed around. When I finally realized I was being used, I vowed I'd only date a man who cared about me, an older man who had learned to be considerate of me as well as his own pleasures. Someone who was as much a gentleman as Doctor Tofu." She shrugged. "Now, you have spent a week driving me crazy, and made me seriously consider what it would be like to sleep with a girl. And to top it off, you pull this."

"You seem to be enjoying it."

Kasumi nodded. "Oh yes. You had just better be prepared to finish what you start, Nabiki. You've pushed me this far, you had better be prepared to go all the way."

Nabiki raised her eyebrow. "All the way?"

Kasumi leaned down and nibbled on her ear before whispering. "All the way. You better be prepared to fuck me silly until morning, because you're not getting out of here until then." She gave a throaty chuckle. "I did try to warn you that this may be a bad idea."

Nabiki grinned. "Yes… but I had no idea it was because you're a closet nympho." She reached up and caressed Kasumi's breasts again, eliciting another soft moan of pleasure from the older girl.

"You have no idea how hard it's been to resist your advances. I have a huge enough sex drive without being a bunny girl. But I swore to myself I wasn't going to let my lust control my life again. I had to make sure _you_ wanted this, not just your rabbit half."

"And now that you're sure?" Nabiki smiled.

Kasumi sat back on Nabiki, freeing her hands to draw the straps off Nabiki's shoulders and drawing the top of the teddy down to bare Nabiki's breasts. "Now, I think you are about to be licked to within an inch of your life."

Nabiki gasped as Kasumi lowered her head down to her newly revealed tidbits and began to suck softly, while her hands continued to strip Nabiki. With a string of kisses, Kasumi worked her way down to the tiny tuft of fur that Nabiki had planned on teasing Tao-Ching with, and untied the g-strings knots, tossing it aside as she gazed desiringly at Nabiki's stocking clad legs.

"You have no idea of how badly I wanted to make you come that first night, Sister dear." Kasumi said softly. "You looked ravishable in that little black dress."

Nabiki grinned and spread her legs wide to encircle Kasumi. "And now?"

Kasumi's answer was a lustful dive to bury her tongue in Nabiki's vagina, tasting her sister's oils ecstatically before running her tongue up the labia to find the hooded button of Nabiki's clit. Nabiki moaned in pleasure as Kasumi's tongue caressed her, the darting tip flickering back and forth rapidly bringing her to a climax almost before she could draw her breathe back in. Her back arched as the pleasant spasm wracked through her, then gasping yet again as her sisters tongue didn't stop. She lay helplessly as her sister made her climax as she willed. Unable to even found the voice to speak as her orgasms came closer and closer together, she felt like the top of her head would explode, but all her thrashing did not remove Kasumi's tongue from her ever more sensitive clit. Her body arched into a massive spasm as a climax so strong that Nabiki thought her heart would stop shot through her.

As the orgasm slowly receded, and her sight returned. Nabiki found herself gasping for breath as her sister lay beside her giving her an amused smile.

"Where " Nabiki drew a shaky breath. "Where the hell did you learn to eat pussy like that?"

Kasumi's smile grew more amused. "I've gotten a lot of practice this last week."

Nabiki blinked. "Wha—?… How?"

Kasumi laughed. "Would you really like to know?"

Nabiki nodded.

"Well, I've been doing yoga since mom taught me, and well… I discovered something quite by lusty rabbit girl accident." Kasumi stood and took a small pitcher from her end table and poured it over her head. In an instant, her long ears sprang into existence. She grinned at Nabiki as she sat on the floor. "I've always been very flexible, and being a rabbit girl, I was… experimental."

"Do tell."

"Oh, no. I plan to show." Kasumi rolled back and lifted her legs, using her arms to guide them back until she had tucked her legs behind her head. Nabiki blinked at the pose, then licked her lips as Kasumi continued to lean forward, working her face even closer to her own spread lips. Nabiki was stunned as she watched her sister's mouth slowly descend until Kasumi's tongue began to caress her own clit. She crawled off the bed and moved closer to watch as her sister drove herself towards orgasm. Finally unable to resist, she lowered her mouth and lapped at the glistening fluids that coated Kasumi's labia, then began licking at the tight rosebud. Kasumi shuddered, stopping her own licking long enough to moan, "Kami, that feels so good…" before she resumed lapping.

Nabiki grinned. "So, another unsuspected secret. Not only are you a nympho, but you're a little kinky too."

Kasumi looked up at Nabiki with a quirked eyebrow. "You started it. I'm just taking advantage of it." She released her legs from behind her head and wrapped them around Nabiki's shoulders. "Now, shut up and lick!"

Nabiki giggled as she complied. She ran her tongue in small circles around Kasumi's clit, savoring the sweet flavors of her sister's oils. With one hand, she spread Kasumi's labia to reveal more of the tiny bud, and worked her other hand between her sister's legs, teasingly wetting her fingertips in her sister's wet vagina before trailing them downwards to circle the tight circle of her anus.

Kasumi went wild at the sensation her legs tightening around Nabiki's shoulders as she arched in orgasm. "God, Nabiki! I wish you had a cock. You have no idea how much I love being fucked up the ass."

Nabiki blinked, then grinned even wider. "Oh really?"

Kasumi looked down at the grin. "Now what are you up to?"

Nabiki slipped out from between Kasumi's legs. "Oh no. That's a surprise. I want you up on your knees, and with your eyes closed."

Kasumi colored prettily. "Oh my." She rolled over and stretched languorously as she rose to her knees and presented her ass to Nabiki. "Like this?" asked in a soft purr, looking over her shoulder seductively.

Nabiki admired the perfect curves, and the way her sister's hair fanned out over the floor. "Exactly. Now close your eyes."

Kasumi complied with an amused smile.

Nabiki grabbed her bag and took out her special surprise. She couldn't control the shudder that passed through her body as she took one end of the double ended dildo and slowly impaled herself on it, then tied the harness around her waist.

"So when can I look?" Kasumi asked, the amusement in her voice strong.

Nabiki looked over to where her sister was playing with herself, and smiled. "Oh, I think you can look now."

Kasumi made a production out of opening her eyes, then took in the harness. "Oh, my…" She spread her labia and wiggled her hips suggestively. "However, much as I want you to plunge that in my ass, you better lubricate it first."

Nabiki knelt behind her and ran the tip of the dildo up and down Kasumi's wet slit. "Oh, believe me, I plan to fuck you thoroughly. I've spent a week fantasizing about this."

Kasumi gasped as the head of the dildo found the entrance to her interior, and unable to control herself she forced herself back onto it.

Nabiki let out a soft moan. "This thing is just way to much fun."

Kasumi ground her hips, forcing herself back until she was nestled against Nabiki. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard." She whispered.

Nabiki complied, slowly drawing back until the dildo was almost out, then thrusting forward. She grabbed Kasumi's tail for balance as she pounded into her sister, every stroke driving the dildo into her almost as hard as into her sister. She felt Kasumi's hand reach between her legs and grab the harness, urging Nabiki to thrust harder.

For long moments there was no thought, only the driving need that ruled them both, then Nabiki gave a final thrust as he back arched and she felt the walls of her vagina clench around the hard shaft inside her. Dimly through the warm golden haze that filled her head, she heard her sister moaning in ecstasy as well.

Finally, she managed to take a long shuddering breath, and looked down to where Kasumi was idly stroking her fingers through Nabiki's fur.

"I do hope you realize you aren't done yet." She purred.

Nabiki smiled. "No. I do believe that was just to make sure the dildo was properly lubricated."

Kasumi chuckled throatily. "It is."

Nabiki slowly pulled out and let Kasumi guide the shaft into her derriere, smiling at her sister's moan of pleasure as she worked herself backwards until they were once again spooned, the soft fur of Kasumi's rabbit tail caressing her stomach. She reached out and drew Kasumi upright, until her breasts were pressed against her sisters back, and reached around to cup Kasumi's breasts as she began a slow stroke, enjoying the way Kasumi moaned softly as Nabiki's fingers lightly pinched her nipples.

"You realize I'm going to do this to you." Kasumi said breathlessly. "You're not going to get away without me driving you as crazy as you're making me."

Nabiki answered by nibbling Kasumi's neck as she slid one hand lower and softly stroked her sister's clit, using the leverage to drive Kasumi harder into each stroke. At this angle, there was less movement of the half of the dildo inside her, and she reveled as she felt Kasumi arch into another orgasm.

She started thrusting harder, her finger stroking Kasumi's clit with the same rhythm of her thrusts. As she felt her sister begin to arch again, she bit down at the junction of Kasumi's neck.

The orgasm was instant, and Nabiki didn't let up, thrusting harder as she strove to keep Kasumi climaxing. Kasumi rewarded her efforts by orgasming repeatedly, her fluids trickling down her legs and coating Nabiki's hand.

"Oh God, Nabiki…" Kasumi moaned. "I'm— I'm—"

Kasumi's head tilted back as she let out a low moan and shuddered. Nabiki buried the dildo as deep in her sister as she could and continued to rub her clit as Kasumi's body spasmed repeatedly. Finally, she fell forward, pulling the dildo free..

"Oh God, Nabiki, enough. I've got to recover."

Nabiki collapsed beside her. "So do I. My legs are trembling."

Kasumi rolled on her side, propping her head on her hand as she looked down. "Oh dear. We've made a mess," she commented as she looked as the glistening fluid that covered her thighs.

Nabiki giggled. "God, Kasumi. Only you could worry about that at a time like this."

Kasumi laughed. "Well, I at least am not yet done making a mess." She rolled over further and reached up to the cabinet door of her dresser. Pulling out a small towel, she used the pitcher to wet it and cleaned off the dildo. Nabiki watched in amusement, her internal muscles twitching as her sister twisted the end that was still inside her. Then Kasumi turned herself around, reaching up to the bed as she grabbed a pillow and a small tube from the bedside table.

"I know your legs are too tired to move, so prop this under your hips." She told Nabiki, handing her the pillow.

Nabiki started to roll on her back, but her sister motioned her to turn the other way. She complied as Kasumi moved herself around to a better position. Curious. She watched as Kasumi undid the harness, but left the dildo buried inside her.

"I'm going to introduce you to the only thing I like better than getting fucked up the ass, Nabiki dear. Your payback for making me come so hard." Kasumi told her with a grin. She took the tube and spread a clear gel onto the free end of the dildo. Then she took a little of the excess and made Nabiki gasp as it was applied to the tight rosebud of her ass.

Kasumi smiled. "You took me one hole at a time, dear. I'm going to take both of yours at once."

Nabiki felt the tip of the dildo pressed against her anus while Kasumi slowly started stroking the other end in and out of her. She arched her back as Kasumi gently applied pressure and relaxed in the same rhythm, feeling the dildo slowly work deeper as she relaxed. Then she felt a dark fire work it's way through her as the dildo began moving deeper. Kasumi sat up as she finally worked the dildo full depth, holding it by the strap as she drove both ends into her sister with strong strokes. Nabiki's hands clenched into the rug as Kasumi began to speed up the tempo, the dildo moving easily as Nabiki began thrusting back against it. She moaned, pressing her face against the floor to muffle her cries as she moved against Kasumi's thrusts, her ecstasy growing as Kasumi began a slow rolling motion with her steady thrusts.

"Climax for me, Nabiki. Climax for me as hard as I did for you," Kasumi crooned. "Show me how much you love me by coming."

Nabiki gave a wordless moan as Kasumi's thrusts came faster and faster. She worked her knees under her to let her sister get better access, gasping as the dildo penetrated her deeper. She felt like her body would explode but she kept begging Kasumi to fuck her harder. With a long drawn out moan she began to climax.

"Harder, Nabiki. Come for me harder."

She began to pound the dildo even faster as Nabiki let out a moan that rose in pitch as she kept orgasming. Kasumi wrapped her arm around Nabiki's hips as she felt her sister's shudders of pleasure. Nabiki gasped for air as her body was wracked by the spasms of her climax, but Kasumi kept thrusting.

"Oh, God, Kasumi. Oh… Oh…."

A final orgasm ripped through her and she had to bit the carpet to keep from screaming her pleasure. A brilliant golden light burned behind her eyes as the pleasure drove every sensation out of her brain, until there was only the golden fog of her ecstasy…

Then even her awareness of that was overwhelmed by the glorious fire.

Daylight streamed in through the window as Nabiki's eyes opened, her entire body tingling. She smiled as she felt Kasumi's warm body curled around her.

"So have I fulfilled my promise." Kasumi's voice whispered in her ear.

Nabiki moved her leg as she started to roll, and a small orgasm hit as her hypersensitive clit rubbed against it. She shuddered and took a moment before she could answer.

"I can't even move without coming." She murmured. "I'd say you kept it in spades."

"So what did you think of playing with a woman."

"I think I'm going to talk Tao-Ching into a Sister-Wife of my own."

Kasumi laughed. "It was fun. But I think I enjoy cock too much." She rolled on her back. "As much fun as licking you to with in an inch of your life was, I kept wishing you'd had a penis I could wrap my lips around, and have you fill my mouth with hot, thick come. And I can't even tell you how happy I was that you had your little toy."

"Me too." She turned to look at her sister squarely. "And I certainly have no regrets. You.?"

Kasumi considered it carefully. "No… I don't think so. I've certainly answered my own questions about lesbianism. I can be perfectly content with that. If my eventual husband wants a little spice, I can always find someone I trust for a little threesome."


"What? After last night, you're shocked I'd say that?"

Nabiki laughed. "No, I guess not. After all, under that perfect housewife exterior, you're a Tendo sister."

"In ever so much more than blood, dear. In ever so much more than blood…"


Book 2, Chapter 8
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