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A Ranma / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crossover story
by LS McGill

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon belongs to Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC.

Surgeon General's Warning: Reading this may make you insane. You have been warned.

Chapter Two: The Tangled Ribbons of the Heart

"Please, Akane! I'm telling you, I love Shampoo! Please give me back my clothes and put yours back on!" Mousse attempted to say around the gag, without much success.

"Now now, Mousse-sama, I know you must love me! If I can only find— Ah ha!"

Mousse trembled as the bewitched girl discovered what she was looking for amid the pile of weapons she had removed from his robe. Akane triumphantly held up the half-dozen bottles Mousse had liberated from Cologne's stores at the Cat Cafe.

Akane stood, her naked body swaying seductively as she approached the bound and helpless Chinese boy. "Naughty Mousse. First you try to run away, then you keep refusing me."

"Please, Akane! Release me!" Mousse attempted to say. It came out as gibberish. He prayed to every deity he could remember for salvation.

Instead, they played a practical joke on him.

"OHO HO HO HO HO HO HO! Villainous perverted girl! What are you doing to my Ranma-sama?"

A ribbon snaked out of the window above Mousse and shattered the vial in Akane's hand, spilling the contents all over her and Mousse. Akane blinked as she looked out the window at Kodachi, and smiled. "Oh, Kodachi-sama, you're just in time!"

Mousse blinked as the gymnast stepped through the window. She was glorious! So beautiful! How could he ever have thought she was insane?! And Akane! She was a goddess every bit as much as Kodachi!

"What are you playing at, you perverted girl?! My Ranma was crying out for release!"

"No, Kodachi-Sama, it was just Mousse. I'm sorry if you mistook him for Ranma. Let me make it up to you, my goddess."

Kodachi blinked. "What is this?" She took in the languorous pose Akane was in, standing there soaked, small droplets of the water glistening on her smooth, naked skin. Her ribbon dropped as Akane stepped closer.

"Surely the Black Rose must be tired after her efforts. It must be so taxing to be the Captain of a gymnastics team, so stressful. Wouldn't you like a backrub?"

Mousse strove to free himself, so he could sweep them both up in his arms and tell them how much he loved them! Muffled "I love you’s" were screamed against his gag as he sought to work his way free.

Kodachi was still blinking. "Why— why would you care? You've always attempted to steal my Ranma away!"

"I must have been blind. I should be spanked." She turned to offer her naked rear to Kodachi, who blinked again as a small trickle of blood began to flow from her nose. Akane smiled and turned to her again, stepping closer again and pressing her body against the still stunned Kodachi. Kodachi's thin leotard soaked up the potion from Akane's skin as Kodachi lost herself in Akane's eyes.

"I never realized how beautiful you were," she whispered as her lips sought Akane's.

Mousse stopped struggling as he watched his goddess begin to play with each other, smiling as they gave each other pleasure with their hands. Akane had Kodachi out of her leotard in moments and she smiled at Mousse as she eagerly brought Kodachi to an orgasm, before slowly settling her down, her legs straddling Mousse's hips. Kodachi gasped as she lowered herself on him, the potion on his skin mingling with her sweat as she drove him deeper. Her lips parted slightly as she looked up at Akane.

"My heart has never known such joy, my loves," she whispered before her mouth was too occupied for anything else.

Mousse had to agree.

Kodachi smiled at Akane and Mousse several hours later. "So, this potion is what opened my eyes to the love I have for you both?"

Akane nodded. "I never realized how much I loved either of you until then. Now I couldn't live without you. I was so blind."

Kodachi picked up one of the bottles. "I must find out what is in this. With it, we can make Ranma ours!"

Akane nodded, but Mousse frowned. "But love, he's off with these other girls. My poor Shampoo was heartbroken when she read in the paper about his marriage. She was even talking about suicide. That's why I tried to rescue her, and ended up rescuing my darling Akane instead. I shudder to think about my love in the hands of that miscreant!"

Kodachi and Akane rolled their eyes. "We must rescue Ranma from those wenches at once." Kodachi whispered, then sighed. "And I suppose we must rescue the purple-haired bimbo as well. Our darling Mousse's happiness is just as important."

Akane sighed too. "I suppose I can learn to live with her, for Mousse's sake."

Kodachi took stock of the five bottles left from Mousse's stash. "First, I must away to my hothouse to analyze this, and make more. We must make certain we can overpower the spell the witches have cast on our Ranma!" She smiled at her playmates. "Would you come with me? I find the thought of being bereft of your presence so soon more than I can bear."

Akane smiled. "Me either, and the walk will give poor Mousse a chance to recover."

The two girls gave the boy evil grins as they stood. The Chinese boy smiled. "Give me time. I'm certainly willing enough to keep the pair of you happy. Until then, I know you'll keep each other amused."

They nodded as they shared a long kiss, then started to try and sort through the tangle of clothes and play-toys on the floor. Kodachi held up the fur lined manacles and smiled indulgently at Mousse. "I never suspected what lurked beneath that simple cloak, love."

Mousse shrugged. "Me neither." He gave her a lingering kiss as he began sorting through the various clothes. "But as much as I enjoyed finding out all of that, did you two really have to superglue my glasses on?"

Loving laughter was his only answer.


To be continued.

Chapter 3
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